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In order to ensure effective communication on the Network of Networks website, we would like to ask you to follow a few basic guidelines below, which outline what we consider to be acceptable and unacceptable. We may update these guidelines from time to time and recommend that you check back once in a while. We will also continue to develop new features of the site under the same guidelines.

Site Guideline

1. Manage Your Account

To become a member of the Network of Networks, you need to register or to be invited and set up an account. Please don’t sign up for more than one account for one institute. If you would like to transfer your account to another party in your institute, you can change the ID, which is an email address, and password on “My Account” page.

If you cannot sign up for a new account, it is most likely that your institute has already set up an account. Please contact your school administrator or contact us for details.

2. Post Content Appropriately

There are three categories of information you can contribute; Academic Programs, Sustainable Campus Activities, and Alliances/Networks. Select the accurate category related to your post. The Network of Networks will have to remove any inappropriate content or move irrelevant content to a more appropriate category. If your content has been removed or moved, we will so inform you by email.

For Academic Programs, only degree or non-degree programs are allowed to be posted. Individual courses or lectures offered in a certain program should be posted under the description of the program.

3. Review Content for Accuracy

Check the content for accuracy and credibility, and make sure it reflects the latest information. The Network of Networks is not responsible for the accuracy of any content posted on the website.

4. Stay Focused on “Sustainability”

The Network of Networks website aims to be the online platform for academic network in sustainability field, at least for the time being. Therefore, all the programs and activities posted on the NNs website should be related to sustainability including environmental, technical and social subjects. The NNs will remove any content deemed irrelevant to sustainability.

5. Links to Other Websites

The Network of Networks is not responsible for the content of any linked Web site. Please do not post inappropriate links. You can only post links to relevant websites which describe the details of your institutes’ programs and activities. The broken or missing links may be removed or changed without notice.

6. Use only English

Only English is allowed for positing on the Network of Networks website. You can post information about Academic Programs offered in foreign languages, but the descriptions should be provided in English.

7. Protect Privacy Online

Please remember that all the information that you post on the Network of Networks website is in the public domain. Posting personal phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, or similar personal information of yourself or others is not permitted.