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Chalmers University of Technology (Chalmers)

, Sweden

Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering


Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering
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This programme aims to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to improve and develop innovative processes that are environmentally sustainable as well as technically and economically sound. The programme was developed in response to the challenges faced by industry that have arisen as a result of the necessary transition to a sustainable society and heightened global competition.The need for chemical processes to be safe, compact, flexible, energy efficient, environmentally benign and conducive to the rapid commercialisation of new products poses new challenges for chemical engineers. The programme provides advanced knowledge in chemical engineering and a well-informed base in global sustainability that is vital to all engineering work.

chemical engineering,environment,economics

Alliance for Global Sustainability

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Founded in 1997, AGS is an international partnership among four of the world's leading science and technology universities. AGS aims to provide a solid foundation for sustainable development through the application of world class research and education in science and technology and the social sciences. 

The AGS's activities are centered on research and education. Research is being conducted on four flagship programs: energy pathways, food and water, urban futures initiative and extended life initiative. Results from the research are disseminated through the AGS's annual and technical meetings and publications. Since its inception, AGS has brought together leaders in the academe, business and government to help address the complex issues involved towards moving to a sustainable future. AGS also organizes educational activities focused on sustainability to expose young students to relevant issues. These include programs such as Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES), the Asian Intensive Program on Sustainability (IPoS) and the World Student Community for Sustainable Development. 

Chalmers University of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, University of Tokyo 

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