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About Network of Networks

What is Network of Networks?

The Network of Networks (NNs) is the concept of a comprehensive network linking existing networks of universities and research institutions, enabling cooperation that will utilize the respective strengths of its members more effectively. By increasing opportunities for high-level joint research projects and student exchanges among members of existing networks, the NNs aims to provide a framework for the development of a new, integrated base of scientific knowledge leading to solutions for complex global challenges.

The Network of Networks (NNs) website supports this by offering a free search tool that will help you discover academic papers, programs and networks among institutions in the field of sustainability science.

What you can do using the NNs website

1. Find academic papers and programs

You can identify academic papers and programs in the sustainability field, offered from institutions all over the world. The visually displayed search result allows key relationships and similarities among papers, programs, and authors to be discovered.

2. Discover new networks and collaborators

You can find scholars and networks in a particular field and see how they are related across different institutions. By searching for certain keywords, high-impact authors* and institutions within a particular field can easily be found.
*Author search function is currently under development.

3. Build online presence of universities and research institutions

As a member institution, you can contribute to the Network of Networks by adding your institution profile and program information. Completing the institution profile will not only help us recommend more relevant information and build our primary initiative, but also helps you expand the reach of your institution’s programs and sustainable activities.

About MIMA search

MIMA Search System

The MIMA search is a search system which aims to achieve structuring knowledge through terminology-based knowledge mining and visualization. The "MIMA" in MIMA Search stands for ‘Meta-Information Mining Acceleration’. The Network of Networks website does not just search for individual pieces of information, but instead enhanced by MIMA search, the website mines for information based on semantic relations and displays the results graphically.


MIMA Search Sample

When you search for certain keywords such as “sustainability”, the web screen will show the search results in a structural graphic with nodes and lines. In the center of the graphic, the searched keyword, in blue lettering, can be found. The gray nodes placed around the searched keyword represents the search results based on their relevance to the query and content similarity. The stronger the semantic relations of the search results, the nodes are shown bigger and closer on the visualized map.

The system will also allow you to sort all these nodes by various criteria, such as Institution, Country, and Subject, etc. and each cluster will be shown as a gray oval including the number of nodes found. You can further filter their search by topic and follow details of a node by launching the website associated with it.

Citation Map

A Citation Map shows the citing relationships between papers. When you double click on the node of a paper relevant to your interest, the graph will expand and show a map of papers that cite the article of interest located in the center of the graphic.

Co-Author Map

A Co-Author Map shows the co-authoring relationships among scholars and institutions. When you double click on the node with the name of an author, the graph will expand and show a map of co-authors who have collaborated with the author in question locate in the center of the graphic. The degree to which the authors collaborate in their research can also be seen on the map. The greater the amount of collaboration between the authors, the nodes are shown closer together on the visualized map.

*Co-Author map is currently under development.


How to become a member

MIMA Search System

Joining Network of Networks website is free and open to any university or research institution which offers sustainability-related academic programs or pursues sustainable campus activities. You can contribute to the Network of Networks by adding your institution profile and program information. When you sign up, you will receive your ID and password, after which you will be able to edit the institution information online.


Administration Office

The NNs Administration Office at the University of Tokyo is responsible for the development and promotion of the Network of Networks website. For further information, please contact us using the online contact form.